Coaching for Calm and Confidence, with Dr. Brigette A. Erwin

Coaching for Calm, with Dr. Brigette A. Erwin (.mp4 download)

Coaching for Calm video: Strategies for reducing anxiety in everyday life (runtime 16:13)

The Coaching for Calm and Confidence™ videos can change your life!

Through Dr. Brigette Erwin’s Coaching for Calm, countless people have been helped to overcome worry and create calm. Medical university trained cognitive-behavioral psychologist and mother of six, Dr. Brigette Erwin offers the same practical, evidence-based strategies that have grown the Anxiety and OCD Center™, her pioneering private practice, into a specialized leading-edge and rapidly-expanding treatment center.

Discover practical strategies you can use immediately to create calm that will last a lifetime.

Coaching for Calm and Confidence™ can create change that eliminates worry and anxiety that keep you from enjoying a full, active and happy life!

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